Reliable Dry Van Freight Transportation Services in Kansas City

Looking for a reliable dry van freight transportation service in Kansas City? As a seasoned

trucking company, we offer a wide range of widely trusted dry van freight transportation that

can be customized to match your special requirements.

Due to the high availability and various benefits over other traditional transportation services,

our dry van freight trucking company offers on-time and safe delivery of your shipments.

Dry vans are enclosed trailers that are attached to semi-trucks primarily for transporting big quantities of loads such as non-perishable/non-refrigerated items. Dry van freight trailers are remarkably versatile and can be customized to handle different types of freight.


They are ideal for transporting all kinds of goods and products because they keep them dry throughout the shipping process and protect them from external elements—road debris, extreme weather conditions, accidents, etc.

Dry vans freight transportation services are used for:

  • Transporting small equipment and machinery for the construction industry. It helps move raw construction materials from the warehouse to the actual construction site.

  • Moving non-perishable foods and beverages, building products, electronics, clothing items, plastics, raw materials for the textile industry, cosmetic products, etc.

  • Relocating household goods such as beds/bed frames, dressers, cabinets, wardrobes, computers, cooking utensils, bathroom utilities, and more during the moving process.


Transporting even bigger and heavier cargo - cars, motorbikes, other automobiles, generators, components of bigger machines, boilers, military personnel, and large equipment.

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Dedicated Dry Van Freight Services to Kansas City